I’m very sorry we were unable to contact you prior to Dad’s celebration of life, as you and Nike both meant so much to him.  Even when he was in Emergency on Monday night, he was figuring out what day you would be coming and was sad that he wouldn’t be there to see you both.  Your friendship with our Dad may have only been a few months, but you both had a huge impact on him, and I can guarantee that you are the one thing that he would get out of his room for without fail!

The opportunity to meet you in person was an honour for me (Dianne), I can’t even begin to tell you what a positive impact you have on people’s lives and your time and efforts with people such as my Dad make a difference in their lives and in their mental well-being.  Nike may be a rescue dog, but she rescues people every day.

You both were very special to my Dad and we all appreciate it.”

This came from the daughter of a gentleman, that one of our handlers used to see at Wheatland Lodge, who passed recently.