Steve King, President and Founder
Steve is a qualified dog trainer and actively involved with the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides program. Working with dogs gave Steve an insight into the therapeutic value that dogs can bring to a person’s life and, as such, establishing CTDS was an obvious step for him to take. Having a strong belief in giving back to the community, Steve has been asked to speak to many groups on dog-related issues and always enjoys the opportunity to help people understand their dogs better.

Lori Kent, Vice President
Lori brings to CTDS 20 years of communications and public relations experience.  She has worked in both government and private sector and has been on the boards of several charities and non-profits. In addition to running her consulting company, Lori is kept busy chauffeuring her Wheaten Terrier, Kibo, out to Listening Tails, Caring Tails and Visiting Tails appointments.  She loves dogs and says that it is so great to have someone in the house who is always in a good mood, because she is sometimes not.  Lori is committed to helping CTDS grow so that as many people as possible can experience the benefits of interacting with a therapy dog.

Sheri-Dawn Guidolin
, Treasurer
Sheri-Dawn too is a dog lover and is employed at the Chestermere Public Library. One of her main roles for the CTDS is scheduling the children and dogs in the “Listening Tails” program. Being an avid reader, Sheri-Dawn is a keen promoter of the “Listening Tails” program.

Rob Bauhuis
, Secretary

Candace Bakay
, Director

Courtney Killiam-Pease, Director

Marilyn King
, Director
Marilyn, a mom, grandma, a teacher for many years and owner of Little Acorns Fine Arts Preschool in Chestermere. Marilyn has often been heard to say that dogs and young children are alike in many ways, in terms of their needs and psychology and she is passionate about developing a love of reading in children. Marilyn brings an infectious enthusiasm to the CTDS.